The List

Below you will find The Master List – all of our goals/to-dos for this little house we love!  They are in no particular order and will be tackled as time, funds, and motivation permit.  We’re sure our plans and style will change over time, so we’ll keep this list updated for you (and us!).



  • Power wash the brick.
  • Fix all the chipping/rotting trim and get the dead bird out of the siding of the garage.  Poor guy.
  • Paint  – we’re thinking a deep navy blue/gray siding with white trim.  And probably white (adios cream!) for the garage door too.  CANNOT WAIT.
  • Level the yard (we currently have many a pothole) and lay new sod in the back half of the property?  We may change our minds about more grass – how cool would a forest of trees be??
  • Landscape our hearts out.  All of our current flowerbeds/berms are full of weeds or rocks and aren’t trimmed out very well.  We’re going to fix that.
  • Rip out all of those pesky Russian Olives, and get someone out here to tell us if any of the other trees are dead/hazardous/invasive.
  • Plant some new trees.  And fruit trees please.  At least a peach or two.
  • Build planter boxes or have a designated garden space.  Also, I (Kacee) want a Secret Garden with big trees and a bench and a fountain.  Long term goals, people.
  • Build flower boxes for under the windows.
  • Add shutters?
  • Fix and repaint the cute white fence halfway back on our lot.  And rebuild (not sure if they are salvageable) the two white bridges leading to the unkempt part of our half acre.
  • Start composting.
  • Finish staining our picnic table.  We started…
  • Build a fire pit.
  • Get some nice outdoor furniture and create an outdoor living room??
  • New roof (someday)

The Playhouse:

  • Power wash it!  And clean the heck out of the inside.  Who knows what’s living in there!
  • Drywall the inside.  Mud, tape, and paint.
  • Lay some new flooring.  What’s good for playhouses?  Tile?  Laminate?  We’ll do some research.
  • Hang some fun art/shelves/etc. on the walls.
  • Get new windows and trim them out.
  • Build some kid furniture – table, chairs, kitchen.
  • Do a little landscaping around the house.  That little house needs flowers!  And probably window boxes!


  • Paint front door (someday get a new one)
  • Remove the storm door (maybe get a new one?)
  • Get a runner to set the “entry” apart from the living room (update: the door gets stuck if you put a rug in front of it, so we might need to tile/laminate the entry first)
  • Create a place for guests to remove shoes/hang up coats, etc.

Living Room:

  • Paint
  • New couches
  • Do something with that fireplace.  Remove those two weird little shelves.  Paint it?  Rip it out and start over?  It’s unclear at this point.
  • New curtains
  • More to come…


  • Paint
  • Add crown molding to the top of the cabinets.
  • Paint or stain cabinets and add hardware.
  • Install tile backsplash.
  • Figure out something to do with our mauve Corian countertops.  Can we make them work?
  • New dining room table (someday).
  • Hang art and add some functional decor.


  • Install board and batten (maybe extend into the kitchen?)
  • Paint
  • Hang art
  • Find some storage solutions and get new hardware for the linen closet (surprise! we just painted the old hardware. good as new!!).

Master Bedroom:

  • Paint
  • Make and hang some curtains
  • Add crown molding
  • Rearrange the furniture?  Add a chair?  And then remove the chair and add the TV.
  • Dress up those walls – art, chair rail, shelves?  The possibilities are endless.
  • Come up with some quality storage solutions for our small-ish shared closet.
  • Paint the closet doors.  Or get new ones?


  • Paint
  • New bookshelves/music storage solutions?
  • Get a new music stand
  • Create a comfortable place for lessons – water, place for bags/coats, etc.
  • Organize the closet and de-junk.
  • New piano!

Guest Bedroom:

  • Paint
  • Make a headboard for the bed
  • New nightstand – build one?
  • Provide overnight necessities for guests
  • Organize the closet and de-junk.
  • Hang art/shelves


  • Paint
  • Window treatment of some sort (roman shade?)
  • Remove shelf/hooks
  • Hang new (or update the ones we have) shelves/hooks
  • Make good use of the closet
  • Building a rolling pull-out cart for the side of the washer
  • Put in a sink (there is already plumbing for it!)
  • Add shoe storage

Whole house:

  • Upgrade our hollow core doors with beadboard, molding, and white paint.
  • New doorknobs for everybody!
  • Slowly upgrade to white 2″ faux-wood blinds on all the windows
  • Someday – new carpets and hardwood(/faux-wood tile?) flooring
  • Someday- new doors