Cheap Bathroom Remodel

The main hall bathroom was a little bit dated when we first moved in. It wasn’t all that pretty either. The first easy fix was to replace this light bulb with some round ones.


The next thing was to get rid of the wood light switch panel.

20140607_130232 20140607_130243

This left some residual damage behind… Oh well….20140722_082057

We also replaced an ugly bug-filled light fixture with this $7 replacement fixture from the Home Depot. 20141023_115721 20141023_115729

Now prepare for the big jump. We bought a new vanity at Home Depot for $150, some new paint for close to $60 (Seascape and Bistro White from Valspar – always use semi-gloss or higher gloss for a bathroom), a new light fixture for like $60, a faucet for around $80, and a wood toilet seat for like $15. Don’t get the plastic ones!!!! They look terrible and make your house look cheap! You can still be cheap and not make it look cheap…. That’s what we do! We then spent about $20 in plumbing parts.

But Seriously, the toilet seat cover is one of the best things you can get for a cheap bathroom upgrade.IMG_6328