Front and Back Porch Lights

Hey guys!

One year ago in the summer of 2014, we replaced our front porch light fixture. Now that we’re using our back yard more and more, we replaced two more on the back porch. Hope you like it!

Front Porch – July 2014

The original one kind of gave off the Cantina vibe.

Original Light Fixture

Original Light Fixture

Front Door

Front Door

We went to Lowes and bought one that was nice and pretty:

New Light Fixture

New Light Fixture

Shane never thinks to change clothes to work on projects. He just starts painting or whatever and waits for reminders to change into “project clothes.”

Shane Never Changes Clothes

Shane Never Changes Clothes

In the end, this one suited us better. 🙂


Back Porch – July 2015

Now in July of 2015, we decided that our back porch needed some updating as well. Here’s what it looked like before:

back proch 1back porch 2

We decided to get rid of the nautical theme and go with something a little different.

Since we plan on spending more time in the back yard this year, we really needed to get these fixtures in working order.

back porch 3

When we removed the light fixture, we found 46 years of larva and bug nests in the form of crusty dust. It was interesting to remove all of those nice fossils…

back porch 4

We mounted the new fixtures.

back porch 5

And here they are!

back porch 7

And they give light to all that are in the house – or outside of it. 😉

back porch 8