Our First Home

Future colors of our Brick House


That’s what were doing for the first nine months of home ownership.

Dreaming because we didn’t even live in our house for those initial nine months. During that time we paid our home mortgage and paid rent at our little apartment. We weren’t rich by any means, we paid the mortgage with the modest sum we made by renting out our new home. That’s right. We bought the home with the intent of moving in, but some delays required that we wait quite a while to move in – but that’s a story for later. We bought the home in October of 2013 and we moved in on June 1st 2014. So what did we do for nine whole months then? Shane still had eight months left until he graduated with his Master’s degree in music composition which he was doing in the evenings after teaching school all day. Kacee was working at the cool Mineral Company, while singing every chance she got, and being active in many church and neighborhood engagements. (She’s an opera singer who currently maintains a cool mineral atomic fusion job while teaching voice – pretty dang awesome).

Click here for a virtual tour of our little apartment.

So we lived our lives, paid our bills, and lived off salad and sandwiches while imagining what it would one day be like to finally move into our little brick house. We made schedules of what to update and what DIY projects we would undertake. None of those have been on schedule and for a variety of reasons.

Front and Back

In our backyard we have a little brick playhouse. We blog about our DIY projects, favorite pasta recipes, our musical adventures, and us playing house in our little brick playhouse.