Living Room Updates June 2014 – June 2015

When we moved into our house in 2014 we had a tabula rasa to make our very own. Everything except the kitchen was painted in this neutral tan color you see depicted below. All light fixtures were very old and plain. The carpet was only a few years old and the sub-floor had been recently been replaced. We could hardly wait to make this place our own, but for the first 12-months things came slowly and in stages.

Living Room on June 1, 2014

Living Room on June 1, 2014

First we dumped everything in the room and gradually found a place for everything….. haha.

Bare Wall in Living Room

The second thing we did was put up a ledge which we had found (#pluperfectpast) in the dumpster at our old apartment complex in Salt Lake City. Kacee had the brilliant idea to salvage and stain it.

Putting up the Shelf

Putting up the Shelf

Now remember that this was in the deep heat of the summer – what we really needed was a ceiling fan. We also wanted more light, and a more modern light fixture in the living room, so we went and got a ceiling fan.


Kacee putting together the fan blades

When all was said and done we got an aesthetic that we really liked: we got a more modern look with the fan, and some nice height and motion with the new ledge and picture frames.


There were still a few things that we wanted to change, however. We still weren’t getting as much natural light in there as we would have liked. The curtains were brown and we had a nice tree (really nice for afternoon shade) blocking our window’s view. This caused the room to cast dark shadows into the top corners of the room. We wanted to find a nice way of making the room come to life even more…

So we went to Lowes Home Improvement Store and bought three samples of Valspar Signature paint and painted them on the wall: December Starlight, Cool Grey, and Bistro White.


We wanted to go as clean and bright as possible so we went with the Bistro White – and OH was it refreshing!!!!!!!

New Ledge, Fan, and Frames

Everything was fine and dandy in our lives. We couldn’t have asked for more. We had moved in on June 2, 2014 and we painted it white during the first week of July. We would watch Leave It to Beaver on our little T.V. under the stream of cool air pushed by the fan – no one had it better than us. We lasted a few months. Then it was September and we went up to Ogden for the Ogden Temple Open House. On the way there we saw the PIANO SALE SIGN in front of the Piano Gallery in Riverdale. We got so excited to come in and look at the pianos! We vowed to visit the store on our return trip. After the open house, we came to the piano gallery and looked at the pianos we could afford. We told ourselves that we wouldn’t spend more than $3,000 dollars. We found one that we loved (and one that doesn’t bite the fingers during arpeggios) for $2,900. It was a smaller upright piano that was good enough. We decided to shop around and we went to the piano liquidation sale at the Sandy Expo Center. We found what we thought was a larger piano listed at $3,400. It turned out to be the same size. We then went to Riverton Music in Sandy and we were greatly unimpressed with their selection in our price range (they did have a 9-foot Hamburg Steinway from the mid 1800s that had been restored going for somewhere around $128,000 but rather than take out a whole MORTGAGE to buy that piano, I’ll just wait to inherit my mother’s Steinway).

So we went back to the Piano Gallery in Riverdale (Ogden-ish) and went with a larger upright piano (46 inches tall) and we told them about the one we had seen at the Expo Center. We bought that $4,200 piano for $3,400 and had it delivered to our little house!FB_IMG_1410639818736

And here it sat in our living room20140915_223013

Isn’t that thing GORGEOUS?!?!?! I absolutely love it.

Many months passed by and in December we went to Italy. When we came back our living room looked something like this:


IMG_5452But then the bug came back and told us to get some new things (Jiminy Cricket’s the name!) So we added new couches, blinds, curtains, and tables:

New couches, tables, blinds, and curtains

New couches, tables, blinds, and curtains

IMG_5481 IMG_5486 IMG_5488

In July of 2015 we have new windows and doors coming! We’ll keep you posted on that!