Is it a Guestroom….. or a Nursery?!?!?

It’s now June 25, 2015 and we are expecting our first baby in October!!! She’s a little girl and she’s absolutely crazy. She’s twisting and turning doing somersaults in the womb. We can feel her doing that every waking hour (meaning only when she’s not sleeping). During her anatomy ultrasound we even watched her do that for 15 whole minutes! I feel like naming her Zoey because it sounds like a crazy girl name for a little crazy girl. I feel that she’ll bolt out of the womb dashing down the corridors with pointy teeth and orange zig-zag hair. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Other than that, we have a name for her but we’ll share that at a later time!

Below you see this guest room (first room on the left down the main hall) as we first saw it last year in June of 2014. You see the tan paint, new carpet, old glass square light fixture, and long co-ax cable.

June 2, 2014

June 2, 2014

We moved our stuff in and didn’t want to cover the air-vent so we put the bed a little to the left. We later remediated this problem with a magnetic air-deflector this sits on the vent and shoots the air out from under the furniture. The “unbreakable” ones were less than $3 at Lowes.

Guestroom phase 1

Guestroom phase 1

The room rested in this phase (phase 2) until about April of 2015.

Guestroom phase 2

Guestroom phase 2

In April of 2015 we painted it “Swiss Coffee” a color from Behr available at the Home Depot. We didn’t know the gender at this point so we just went with a simple color and nice new light fixture.

New Paint and Light Fixture

New Paint and Light Fixture

And now the Guestroom transforms into a Nursery in Mid-May 2015!

New Crib and Dresser from Grandma and Grandpa Cambron (Kacee's Parents) THANKS!

New Crib and Dresser from Grandma and Grandpa Cambron (Kacee’s Parents) THANKS!

Kacee also had this wonderful idea to put some Board and Batten (Kacee referenced several blogs including this one for inspiration). So we measured it all up and bought some pine 1×3 boards and had the store cut to our measurements. We painted them outside and coated them three times before we began hanging them. We didn’t have a miter saw for the corners so my cousin “Sir Reginald” came over and helped us do that part and use the nail gun to secure them. When all was said and done we decided just to keep the board and not add any batten (the vertical boards).

Board added to walls

Board added to walls

We then caulked the nail holes and the lines joining the board to the wall and applied several coats of touch-up paint. We kept the boards and the bottom half in the Swiss Coffee Behr color. We used a Satin Sheen for the walls and the boards. The base boards and door frames are in Bistro White from Valspar in the semi-gloss sheen. We painted the top half Twinkly Green, a color from Sherwin Williams. We had it color matched into Valspar paint because we prefer the Valspar.


We then found this really nice recliner at for $200. It’s in perfect condition and the new ones go for $700 or $800. It’s a little miniature and it fits just fine. The full size recliners would have presented great difficulty if we had tried to fit one in that little corner!



New LaZboy recliner

New LaZboy recliner

So it’s a Nursery! Guests are reduced to the fold-out couch in the office. We just can’t wait for Baby Girl to get here!!! Tune back in for the new windows and doors coming in July 2015!!

Dumpster Find + A Little Stain

We’re all about free stuff around here.  Meaning that sometimes, that’s all that we can afford!  I’m sure you understand.  🙂  This is the tale of a dumpster find that just needed a little love.

Here’s what our living room looked like shortly after moving in. We had chucked all the boxes into the garage and the house was still cluttered but livable. You can see the Mickelsen sign suspended precariously between two slabs of stone. We’ll actually hang that up in a nice place later, as you’ll see at the end of this post.

So just a month before we moved into our house, we found a wooden shelf discarded by a dumpster. We had been out on a walk when Kacee noticed it just sitting there. The dumpsters around our old apartment were actually gold mines for stuff like that, and if you were lucky you could even find a dishwasher!  But anyway, we were sure we could find a use for it in our new house, so we took it and put it in the trunk of our car. Then just a few weeks after moving in in June 2014, Kacee bought some stain from Lowe’s (Minwax Dark Walnut to be exact) and stained it a nice dark brown, and we mounted it on our wall.

And here’s Shane putting up the shelf like the champ he is.  🙂

A stud finder, level, pencil, and supportive photographer-wife were helpful in this task.


And below you see the finished project… for now.  😉  We’re so glad to have something on that big blank wall!


You may notice four small holes where the pegs on the shelf once were.  Before staining we popped those out and didn’t look back.  We’re hoping to replace them with some cool knobs or hooks at some point.  Probably knobs though.  Maybe in fun color?

Also, we’re pretty proud of this cute frame arrangement.  It feels really organic and true to us, but it did use up almost all of the big-ish frames we own, so we’ll need to replenish our stock as we work on other rooms!  On the shelf we also have some books, a box Kacee’s dad got her from Turkey, a little fake plant, a cute Willow Tree figurine, and a small painted mason jar.  We owe you a close-up.  Stay tuned!

And below you can see where we hung the Mickelsen sign (which was a very thoughtful handmade wedding gift) over one of our wedding pictures.  We need some kind of furniture there on that wall eventually, maybe a console table or a nice bench.  New curtains (and blinds for privacy so we can keep the curtains open at night, unlike in this photo) are also on our radar.  But one thing at a time, you know?