New Light Fixtures All Around!

As you can see below, we had a very funny-looking light fixture in our laundry room. We decided that we would replace these funny-looking ones with some really cheap modest ones at Home Depot, for the time being.



As you can see above, we purchased a new light fixture for $8.00 at the Home Depot, and we installed it nice and pretty.

If you’re going to replace some light fixtures, you’ll need:

  • a ladder or stepping stool
  • electrical tape
  • a new light fixture
  • Follow the instructions!

Below is our hallway bathroom before we replaced the light fixture.


And here it is with a new one.


Below is the master bath light fixture before:


And after:


Below is the vanity in our hallway bathroom before:


Plus new lightbulbs:




Now after changing all those light fixtures, this wooden plate was next on our list for removal.


New Problem

We replaced that (after giving the plate a custom cut because the outlet was too close to the switches in the wall), added some white caulk, and there it is!


Last item of business: the Kitchen.

Do you see that inverted candlestick I’m holding? Well that used to be an odd spherical fixture suspended by that metal. It was broken, and it just looked like an old candlestick, so we got rid of that!

And here is the kitchen!


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